Senior School


Riverside senior school will open for the academic year starting January 2024, building upon the outstanding academic success of the junior School. The senior school will provide top quality education, excellent resources and comfortable, modern boarding facilities will be available in 2025.

We aim to be unique and diverse, providing a truly Christian environment and the highest quality learning experiences following the British Cambridge Curriculum.

Our goal is to prepare students with the skills, knowledge and dynamism needed to thrive through their education life and beyond. We will strive to ensure that all our student learns to grasp opportunities and develops the resilience, innovation, resourcefulness, persistence, and integrity required to aspire achieve and succeed.

Life in the School will provide a wide variety of opportunities, not just in academic terms, but also through clubs, societies, roles of responsibility and social life. And emphasis on the development of leadership skills.

A Riverside education aims for excellence both inside and outside the classroom whatever that may look like for each student. We endeavour to educate young men and women to become better human beings, leaders, employers, employees, wives, husbands, mothers, fathers and friends.  The values and moral compass developed through a Riverside education will guide the lives of our students well after they have left the school.


Subjects on offer

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