Information Technology

At Riverside School, several technological advancements have transformed the teaching and learning environment, greatly enhancing both efficiency and engagement. The adoption of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Librarika, Live worksheets, Cambridge Go and other tools has played a significant role in these achievements.

The implementation of Microsoft 365 has revolutionized the way students, teachers, and administrators collaborate and access resources. The cloud-based platform allows for seamless file sharing, enabling students to work on assignments from any location and device. Teachers can create and distribute digital worksheets, presentations, and instructional materials effortlessly. Additionally, administrative tasks such as attendance tracking and grade management have become more streamlined.

Microsoft Teams has become an integral part of the school’s communication and virtual learning infrastructure. It serves as a centralized hub for online classes, enabling teachers to conduct live sessions, share screens, and engage students in real-time discussions. Students can easily submit their assignments through Teams, and teachers can provide timely feedback. The platform also facilitates peer collaboration, as students can work together on group projects and share resources within designated channels.

Librarika, an online library management system, has transformed the way students’ access and utilize library resources. Through this platform, students can search for books, eBooks, and other educational materials, check their availability, and even place holds for items. This digital library system promotes independent reading and research skills, as students can explore relevant content and broaden their knowledge beyond the classroom. 

In day-to-day teaching and learning, technology has become an integral part of the pedagogical approach at Riverside School. Teachers integrate multimedia resources, interactive presentations, and educational apps to make lessons more engaging and interactive. They leverage digital assessment tools to evaluate student progress and tailor instruction accordingly. Students are encouraged to use educational software, online simulations, and virtual field trips to deepen their understanding of various subjects.

Overall, the technological achievements at Riverside School, including the use of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Librarika, Live worksheets, Cambridge Go and the integration of technology in day-to-day teaching, have transformed the learning experience. Students benefit from enhanced collaboration, access to vast educational resources, and interactive lessons, preparing them for the digital age and fostering a love for lifelong learning.

 At Riverside School, we have embraced technology all classrooms are now technology-based equipped with WIFI and Interactive Smartboards. Indeed, all of our teachers are equipped with laptops for teaching and to demonstrate various lessons connected to Smartboards in each of their classrooms. In addition, the Library is also equipped with WIFI and Laptops for research. The laptops are to be used as educational and organizational tools by all of our students to gain the necessary knowledge to succeed in an increasingly technical world. Our mission is to ensure that our students have the ability to research through the vast realm of technology, and our aim is to ensure that Riverside School remains on the cutting edge of educational modernity.

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